Police Fair opening: Police smart glasses two seconds to automatically identify identity cards

Portable robots, police smart glasses and other high-tech police equipment have also appeared
Yesterday, the National Convention Center, the police in the introduction of police with smart glasses. On the same day, the 8th Police Fair opened. Beijing News reporter Wang Jiaining photo portable robot in the show. Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing photo Beijing News (Reporter Wang Mengyao intern Dai Xuan) Yesterday, the Eighth China International Police Equipment Fair (referred to as the police) in the National Convention Center opened. From China, the United States, France, Germany and other 11 countries more than 500 exhibitors. Reporters on the scene to see, in addition to guns and other "traditional" equipment, the portable robots, police smart glasses and other high-tech police equipment have also appeared. Police Fair site, the exhibition hall is divided into the ground area, underground exhibition area and outdoor special vehicle exhibition three parts. Mainly include video surveillance, criminal technology, weapons, police, anti-terrorism riot, emergency rescue, protective equipment, transport, police and other aviation exhibition. Reporters learned at the scene, the current police will continue until May 20, every day from 9 am to 5 pm opening, visitors must be tickets admission. In addition, during the police will also be held during the summit forum, on the depth of large data mining and application of police robot technology status and development trends, the application of police unmanned aerial vehicles and other topics to discuss. In addition to these well-known "traditional" equipment, the police also exhibited a number of high-tech police equipment, as the police to improve the safety of the police, the police, With the attack of the "secret weapon". With the design of fashionable smart glasses, you can achieve law enforcement records, document identification, real-time voice command and so on, this is not the film in the science fiction plot. Reporters learned at the scene, this smart glasses in February this year has been officially off the assembly line, in addition to the above functions in one, this smart glasses also have the traditional way do not have the advantage. Staff, for example, the traditional law enforcement recorder is often worn on the police arm, the shooting angle has a natural limit, the level of shooting is often the other chest shoulder, the police do not deliberately raise the shoulder arm easy to miss each other's facial image information. The perspective of smart glasses and police perspective to achieve the same "to see that is taken by", without deliberate adjustment can also focus on each other's face. The traditional way to identify documents by the police includes the identification of the number of documents entered on the mobile phone. In this case, the hands of the police are boundlessly tied to the mobile phone, which is prone to escape or attack the other side. After wearing the smart glasses, With ID cards, driver's license and other documents for two seconds, the background that can automatically identify the documents to improve the safety of the police. At the same time, smart glasses through its lenses and headphones to achieve text, images, sound and other forms of information transmission and real-time command, without the police equipped with a variety of equipment. In the actual combat, when faced with some dangerous and unfamiliar environment, such as disaster accident scene, radiation environment, anti-terrorism scene, etc., by the portable robot to undertake part of the detection, fire and other tasks, the use of the camera, Not only can effectively reduce the police casualties, but also improve the efficiency of the command staff and the combat capability of combatants. It is understood that portable robots with light weight, waterproof fire, durable and so on, its operation is simple, suitable for a variety of complex environments, to achieve remote visual combat command, automatic cruise and automatic return and other functions. Reporters on the scene to see, some portable robots from the four-wheel base with different "task module" composition, design and demolition are relatively simple. The base has a corresponding terrain of the wheel, the movement speed of 15 km / h, also equipped with multiple airborne cameras, to achieve 360-degree look around. More than 20 kinds of "task modules", such as explosion-proof devices, thermal imaging cameras, chemical detectors, 2D / 3D map automatic plotters, etc., can be equipped with anti-terrorism and explosion-proof according to different environmental requirements. , Fire and other work.

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