"Long March 5" launch soon in Hainan Wenchang ready

Will be selected in the early months of this month in Hainan Wenchang space launch site launch
Commentary China's largest thrust carrier rocket "Long March 5" will be selected early this month in Hainan Wenchang space launch site launch. November 2, the China News Agency reporter drove to the launch site where the town of Long, all the way smooth passage. Compared to the first few months ago, Dragon Building, aerospace town to meet the "Long March 5" launch. According to statistics, "Long March 7" when the dragon building town ushered in 10 million visitors and 20,000 cars, aerospace hot tourism hot. Wenchang City tourism sector before the launch of a total of two group tour line planning, six car travel routes, are "aerospace tour" as the main point of view, connecting the aerospace science center, aerospace science museum, dragon floor space town and Wenchang City Many famous attractions, beautiful villages and ancient villages. On the basis of the previous, we have a lot of things we are already familiar with the work of a lot of work routines we are already very familiar with, so the mentality of our staff above the relative It is more mature and stable, more calm and calm. Long Town, the size of the hotel hotel in recent days has no room can be set, the price department asked its price shall not exceed three times the usual day. Reporter Wang Xiaobin Lin Shijie reported in Hainan Wenchang

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